Volunteer Opportunities

Choir Parents

1 required event
1 required event
1 required event

We are so excited to have partent participation this year. As a means to keep our programs and shows running smoothly, each student is required to have a parent volunteer at least one time per year. If you have a student in more than 1 choir, please sign up for the same number of events, as you have children in choir. Here is a job description for each of the jobs you can sign up for.


This year your ushering assignment will include scanning our new online tickets at the door. Patrons will present you with either a printed ticket, or a picture of their ticket on their smartphone. Please bring your own smartphone to use as a scanner. Your phone will need to have a working camera and web browser capabilities (Safari or Chrome). When you arrive at the school we will log you in to the system. Amber Prior will be there to help you get set up on your phone.  *TEXT* Her at 801-358-7097 if you have trouble finding her. You may start scanning tickets as soon as Mr. Lunt is ready to open the doors. Please be sure your cell phone is fully charged so you have plenty of battery life. If you are unable to bring your own smartphone, please let us know ahead of time so we can find one for you to use.  

  • USHER A: You will arrive 30 min. before the show begins and stand in front of the doors to keep people from entering early. There will be one usher A on each side. Check in with Amber Prior. If you can’t find her, *TEXT* her - cell number is 801.358.7097. Someone will let you know when you can open the doors to let people be seated. Mr. Lunt tries to open the doors 25 minutes before the show starts but sometimes it is later. You may leave once the show begins and people are seated.


  • USHER B: You will arrive 30 minutes before the show begins to help assist with taking/selling tickets. Please arrive a few minutes early so you can get logged onto the system. There will be one usher B on each side. You will remain for the entire show and will be able to watch the show from the back. Please sit inside the door during the show and encourage people to enter and exit in between songs. A chair will be provided. During intermission, open the door and stay by door then close the door when intermission ends. We are not supposed to eat or drink in the auditorium so please encourage people to eat in the rotunda, especially soda, pizza and other easily spilled food.  Water is fine. At the end of the show, open the door and help people exit.




  • Arrive 45 minutes before the show begins and check in with Amber Prior.  

  • Tickets will be at the JR High Office, they will need to see Judy at the front desk to purchase advance tickets. Otherwise, they will be purchased at the door, prior to entering the auditorium. 



  • When you arrive for your shift check in with Amber Prior, Please TEXT-801.358.7097. (First Shift)

  • First Shift: Get money box from Amber Prior.  

  • Help set up concessions or clean up concessions depending on the shift you are doing. 

  • Stay at the concession table during the assigned time.

  • Second Shift: Turn in money box to Amber Prior.

        CASH ONLY. 




  • Arrive 1 hour before the show begins. Check in with Marjann Ober.

  • Please remain in the classroom unless the kids are performing.

  • Please help the kids obey the following rules:

    • There is no eating allowed in the classrooms so the kids are allowed to sit in the hallway outside their classroom door while they are eating.  They must stay by the classroom and not wander. They need to be quiet when sitting in the hallway.

    • Make sure they do not go out into the Rotunda to visit with friends.  They are not allowed out of the room at all during intermission.

    • Only allow a couple of kids to go to the bathroom at a time.

    • When the kids are doing costumes changes, please leave the room and stand outside the door to give them privacy.

    • Make sure the kids do not touch things in the classroom and are respectful.

    • Keep classroom clean and make sure the students do not leave until it is clean.  There will also be a student that is assigned to remind the kids to clean up before leaving but they usually need an adult to remind them as well.

  • If you have any problems with a particular student, please note their name so we can discuss the issue with them.  Any immediate problems can be directed to MarJann Ober 801.995.5369