Jordan Keith

Choir Director


Education:  BM from Brigham Young University (Media Music) and ME from University of Florida (Music Education)


Family: Married to Ariana, 4 children, Jaxon (12), Kodee (10), Gemma (8), and Lottie (5)


Proudest moment: Competing as a member of BYU's Vocal Point (high tenor) and winning the ICCA (International Competition) at Lincoln Center in New York City (2005). It made me want to choose this as a profession.


Something you would do over and over again: Swim. All day, every day. I'm really 80% part Merman, 20% part human. Love to go hiking and on random adventures with my family. I also run a lot and want to keep running Marathons (two so far). Ariana and I love watching RomComs together, eating homestyle Popsecret popcorn, and taking long walks. 


Something you never want to do again: Get my appendix out or get stuck on the swinging ferris wheel at Disneyland. We almost died- no joke. (Not really but we were terrified). 


Favorite part about your career:  Seeing students who don't think they're enough, or do not have a lot of confidence become stars on stage. I love seeing them step into the light and own it with everything they have. I love the way music heals and changes people's lives- and I get to see it every day!


Sweet tooth: Jr. MInts, Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew and Peach Rings have all been a problem at one time or another in my life.


Biggest dream:  I'm living it! I've always wanted to work at a school like ALA with competitive show choirs that compete regularly. I'm so excited to hop on board with this crazy ride. I'd also love to win a Grammy award one day for song writing- but that's dreaming dreaming:) 


Maren Bills
Choir Director

Education: BFA in Music Dance Theatre from Brigham Young University 


Fam-bam: Youngest of six kids! Lots of in-laws and nieces and nephews--it’s crazy at our house when we all get together. Engaged to Darrik Miller, woot woot! We’re getting married on September 18th, 2021. Once we’re married, I’ll be stepmom to his sweet daughter, Lucy. 


Proudest moment: Being part of BYU’s performing group Young Ambassadors and creating a full-length feature film out of our show during the pandemic. 


Something you would do over and over again: Eat french fries, visit Japan, and marry my fiance, Darrik. :) 


Favorite part about your career: Working with enthusiastic and willing youth! 


Sweet tooth: Baked goods all the way! Cookies, cake, scones, pastries, etc., etc., etc.! 


Biggest dream: Having a big family of my own and making a difference in the world through performance. 


"We have added Jordan Keith to our choir staff - FUN FACTS:  Keith is also from Thatcher, AZ and we both graduated from Thatcher HS, that both of our fathers taught at Eastern AZ College, and that we both cannot believe that we are living the dream of working together!  The LUNT-KEITH duo will be a dynamite team!"  - Mr. Lunt

Since coming on board, Lunt has refocused and re-energized the choir program. Today, with close to 250 students in six groups, the choir program is now the single largest school activity on campus with one out of every four students at ALA taking part. 


Possibly, the biggest change he made after arriving on campus was to turn ALA’s choir program into a competitive force.  During its first year, Evolution had ten boys and sixteen girls.  Their eyes were open as they went to their first competition.  Currently, five years later, Evolution, consisting of 50 singers, 13 band members, and 10 technicians, has qualified twice to participate in the Show Choir National Championship Series in Chicago. 

“ALA Choirs are Utah’s best kept secret!”

- USU Choir professor, Competition judge


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